Obeix Fund

The Key Security Features For Your Investments

Security becomes the priority when you invest, especially in cryptocurrency. OBEIX is a cutting edge decentralized fund and we want to provide our users with the top security service possible. We have the online tech support which works 24/7 and has been tested many times and proved its efficiency. Our main goal is investor's comfort, reliability and security. This way OBEIX creates the great opportunities for people interested in investing.

Modern world has a lot of new blockchain / cryptocurrency startups. In many cases decentralization is used to cover up the absence of the real functions. However, OBEIX uses decentralization otherwise. For us, this is one of the main methods to guarantee the security for our investors’ funds. We have built our fund on the Ethereum Network. And it is out of the control of any centralized authorities, governmental bodies, regulatory parties, or anyone who wants to use your funds for their own purposes. OBEIX applies this simple method for keeping your funds safe and protecting them from outside interference.

The Cold Storage
The primary thing is to keep your funds secure from major regulating bodies. But, there are some other things important for us. We also want to make sure that your funds will remain out of the hands of those who look for an opportunity to steal your money. OBEIX uses the Cold Storage wallets where the funds are not allowed to trade. The Cold Storage is a necessary anti-hacking measure with proven effectiveness. Cold storages are employed by many exchanges, investment funds, etc. OBEIX's Cold Storage allows to put all of the coins to the offline storage (in case if you're not online) and separate them from online treatment. That action leads to complete safety. Your funds remain unhackable, as they are no longer used on the network. This technology allows OBEIX to give our clients the best security on the market.

The Investor's Security
In addition to the security options described above, OBEIX pays attention to the quantities of joint investments that we trade with anytime. We trade with only 30-50% of the joint funds, thus ensuring that any wrong action or loss will not lead to the liquidation of the funds. In our view, this is a good pattern for investors and traders and it guarantees the long term stability of your funds. The other 50-70% of the joint investments are kept safe in Cold Storage. All of these means allow your funds to remain stable and secure for long time.

The Seed Keys
When you create an OBEIX account, you will need to remember or keep safe a set of 12 words for accessing to your wallet. That's our security method which serves for verification and linking a new device (e.g. smartphone) to your account. These words are the Seed Keys. Without them you will be locked out from your wallet and unable to get access to your funds. For all of our users we recommend to copy down these Keys for being sure that your money are safe and you able control them.

By using these techniques, OBEIX protects users' funds and keeps them safe. Setting up these security functions, we also guarantee several benefits for our clients:
- No minimum investment period;
- No withdrawal limit.

By these proven highly-effective security methods, OBEIX gets user's trust and establishes itself as the leading cryptocurrency fund. By the way, please don't give your Seed Keys to anyone, including OBEIX workers.