Risk Warning

Obeix Fund

Acceptance of risks

When you have profits, we have profits as well. Since that our main purpose is to help you, i.e. to invest and trade for you. And it's our duty to inform you of the possible risks that you should pay attention to and understand if you want to invest and make profits with us.

By the way, our fund operates on the most secure exchanges in the world. Only 30-50% of joint investments are actively traded with on exchanges. The other 50-70% of investments are stored in our fund base currency (bitcoin). We hold them on the cold storage. So there is no risk of hacks because the cold storage can't be tampered with.

Any information on our fund website (onwards: the “Website”) including the products, services, tools, etc. can be viewed only by the people interested in investing BTC.

Getting access to the “Website” and OBEIX wallet, you confirm that:
- You are doing it by your own initiative and because you want to do it;
- You are permitted to access the “Website” under the laws applicable to you and the organization you represent;
- Any of your investments to an OBEIX product or service may not be covered by the laws and regulations governing the security sales and financial service provision in your jurisdiction.

In case if you don't provide the confirmation above, you aren't allowed to access to the “Website”. So OBEIX disclaims all liability which you have by accessing to the “Website” and our fund without any permission.

OBEIX doesn't take any kind of responsibility for lost and stolen funds if you give your password to third persons or you don't lock up your devices (smartphones) or account. Please, remember that your wallet keys and passwords are entirely yours. And you must keep them safe for the security of your OBEIX account and wallet and for the security of your funds.

Finally, OBEIX is an investment fund that sees daily changes in both directions. This means that your BTC will grow and other days may see a slight decline. This is essential in understanding before entering the fund as losses do happen even though OBEIX has been profitable in the long haul and continues to strive in that path.

You, as an investor, might get back less than you invested. Remember that the information on the past performance, if given, might not be a guide for the future actions. The capital value of the fund units can change from time to time. The unit price also can go up and down. There are no guarantees. The investments and services we offer may not be suitable for everyone. If you have any doubts and you aren't confident about your investments, you may ask for help from an OBEIX financial advisor. You should also understand that some types of funds might have greater risks than the others.