Privacy Policy

Obeix Fund

Acceptance of terms

Taking part in the investment program, users fully agree to all terms and conditions of use. They confirm this through the registration procedure. Responsibility for the regular monitoring of this section of the site OBEIX and tracking recent changes and additions, is completely on the investor. If you have any questions on this section, you can always contact support.


To obtain a return on investment and its further withdrawal to a personal account in the payment system, users will need to register on the site Obeix investment program. When you register, you must provide accurate information about all necessary details of the investor: the email account in the chosen payment system, choose a login and password to enter the personal cabinet. All information received is used to manage the membership program and correct fulfilment of obligations to investors who make deposits and attract partners. All information received from investors information that should be protected from access by third parties.


In order to speed up the identification of users who visit the site of the investment program Obeix for various purposes, we use cookies. Information obtained through cookies, no personal information is merged with the investor and not disclosed to third parties, and is used only to improve service delivery while the investor is on the site or in the personal area. All information collected about our users may be disclosed to the public or passed on to third persons only in cases stipulated by the legislation.

Data security

Protection of all information and correct work of the site and the resources for investment activities, is provided by means of special software. In particular, data encryption, SSL, protection against DOS attacks, monitor network usage for other purposes, authentication. Thanks to these procedures all information that is transferred between the site and the user's computer is protected from data theft or unauthorized access.

Anti-spam policy

Obeix creators are constantly working to ensure that all investors receive high-quality service to service them. While much attention is paid to the other users who are not customers Obeix, received no moral or material damage. A negative opinion about the program in the future to harm its reputation. Therefore, to attract new users and partners, as well as for advertising, we strictly forbid use spam mailings or other forms of spam. If you have received spam email on the activities of Obeix, please report it immediately to customer support for further proceedings.

Correcting and updating personal information

If necessary, after registration, each investor may change their personal information. To do this, go to your personal cabinet and replace the information in the appropriate sections. Then apply the confirmation process and it helps make sure professionals Obeix that new data is entered directly by the investor, that protects against theft of the user. You can also take advantage of the support services, specifying what information you want to change. The changes will make the staff Obeix.

Changes in policy

When registering, the investor confirms that he fully accepts all the terms of this privacy policy. We reserve the right to periodically review the terms and conditions and make changes to them. Investors may make a proposal for the improvement of the privacy policy or the site. To do this, you can contact us at the following email address: