How to start investing in bitcoin

Obeix Fund

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How to join us in 4 steps

We offer 4 steps how-to guides to help you to easy start investing with us.

Step 1
Purchase Bitcoin (BTC) here: or on any other exchange.
Step 2
Open an OBEIX account and transfer the bitcoins that you have purchased to your OBEIX wallet. The minimal investment amount is 0.1 BTC.
Step 3
Refresh the balance and confirm your investment by clicking the button from the OBEIX Fund page
Step 4
Monitor your every day earnings! You can withdraw your funds at any time

How To Make A Deposit
Few easy steps to make a deposit.

OBEIX Fund has a simple way for investing. But maybe you feel unconfident and need more information. So you can see the tutorial below.

The first step for you is to link your device (e.g. smartphone) and your wallet to our system on Internet. Then sign in to the system. See the directions below to make the nexts steps easier.

1. Please unlock your wallet and transfer existing BTC from either your exchange of choice or another existing wallet to the OBEIX wallet / account. Then you will see your balance at the top right corner in the window of your OBEIX account. The balance will show the BTC amount transferred to your OBEIX wallet.

2. Next please go to the left side of the window, find the “OBEIX Fund” button and click on it.

3. You will see an “Investment Confirmation” tab at the top of your account's window / page. Please, click on it.

4. You should confirm your investment here. For doing this, you need to enter your password one more time. After confirmation every field on the screen will have a green check mark. Also you will see the transaction ID which is necessary for tracking your funds across the blockchain.

If you want to check up on your funds, please go to the “OBEIX Fund” tab and scroll down below the graph. You will see the funds that have been accepted. If you don't see them, don't worry. It is about the time for transaction. Usually it takes less than 24 hours to confirm it. The update takes place usually around 12.00 a.m. UTC next day. So you will see the renewed information about your funds. So you have successfully invested in the OBEIX Fund. We are glad to welcome you here!

About Mnemonic Phrase

Learn more about Obeix Mnemonic Phrase.

The Importance Of Your Mnemonic Phrase
After you get the understanding on how everything in the fund works the main priority will be the management of your cryptocurrencies and the protection of your account. However, the new investors that have no experience with cryptocurrencies and take on themselves the responsibility of managing the account may be frightened a bit. We don't want you to have any fears. So this article is about your account's safety. We will show you the importance of the Mnemonic Phrase and explain the actions you need to execute for its protection if something happens.

What Is Mnemonic Phrase?
Mnemonic Phrase… This is a set of 12 words used to protect your account and to recover it if something happens. It is essential to your wallet’s security. It must be said that you need the Mnemonic Phrase to link your wallet to your device (e.g. smartphone or computer) when you log in the system for the first time. Without the Mnemonic Phrase, your account will be locked out and you won't be able to access your funds. Of course, nobody wants it. Thus, our advice for you is to keep your Mnemonic Phrase in a safe place to make sure that you will never lose it.

You can write down the Phrase on paper or engrave it on the plastic or metal card, get a safety deposit box, etc. At least you can memorize it. Of course, life is unpredictable… Anything can happen. So it's a good thing to have 2 or 3 copies of the Phrase in the safe places. It is better not to store it on any PC or device (smartphone) to prevent unwanted persons to access it. This also means that you shouldn't keep the Mnemonic Phrase in your notepad application, contacts, in the Cloud or Google Drive. The Mnemonic Phrase is vital for your fund and money protection. So please be careful while using and keeping it. Remember that if anyone finds your Phrase he will have full access to your account and wallet and can do everything he wants with your money. Don't be negligent! Since the Mnemonic Phrase is more important than the passwords, please keep it in appropriate way!