Frequently Asked Questions

Obeix Fund
1. What is the minimum investment amount?

The minimum investment amount is 0.1 BTC.

2. What is the withdrawal process time?

It takes no more than 24 hours for us to send your BTC after you have submitted a withdrawal request. You can also reach out to us at any time via live chat to check the status of your withdrawal.

3. What are the average returns?

Our investors are getting anywhere between 8% and 14% monthly returns on average. However, there is no fixed rate or certain guarantee as the end result depends on market conditions, trading pairs we choose, our trading strategies, and algorithms.

4. Does the fund charge any fees?

We only profit when you profit. This is why we charge 20% of your profits so we can continue providing our service. However, there's no charge if we didn't have profitable trades at the time.

5. How do you calculate the profits?

We are Bitcoin maximalists and believe that it's the core technology of decentralized finances. OBEIX uses BTC to track the value of all its traded assets as well as accepts investments and refunds. We may consider adding more payment options in the future. However, as of today, we decided to stick to Bitcoin.

6. How does the fund distribute the profits and the losses?

Our investors are getting 80% of all of the trading profits, whereas the OBEIX fund is taking another part – 20% from profits. Accounts that were created with a referral code are also getting 80% from profits. However, we are sharing 10% of earnings with the parent account, which issues an invitation, while our company enjoys 10% of profits. Any loss will be revealed on your account. The gains, as well as the losses, are updated on your account daily.

7. How does the referral system work?

It's simple – once you log in to your account, you will see the Referral link. Copy the unique link provided and share it with your potential referrals. You will see an update of the status once you have referral investor accounts created and funds deposited for trading. You will be getting 10% of the trading profit of your referrals daily. Please note, to prevent the malicious use of this feature, we have limited the referral system only to one level down.

8. What is the minimum investment period?

In OBEIX, we believe in freedom of will. So, unlike many other investment companies, we wanted to make the investment process convenient and straightforward. This is why we haven't established any limits or minimum periods whatsoever. You are free to withdraw your funds even on the next day after your investment was made if you feel so.

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